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This is a project of COMFORT PLACE helping to digitalized Esan Folks History and Rich Cultural Heritage online. To preserve and bring it to update with technology and make it easier for Esan folks globally to access their history/heritage in real time.

Esan Folks are found in Benin Kingdom, formal Bendel State, now Edo State. If you’re a researcher or linguistic in Esan Folks subject, we’re open to work with anyone in making your voice heard.

2. WPPJR founder of COMFORT PLACE has weekly radio Podcast.

Raise Your Spirit High-Never Live A New Day Like Yesterday

 School renovation.

4. Osusu (also known as Isusu)-Rural Women Loan Scheme –upcoming

5. Community/Rural Skill Program-Brick Making Training -upcoming. 

        Community/Rural Skill Program

·        Brick Making Training

·        Family Planning/Finance literacy

Osusu Loan Scheme

School Renovation

Skill Development

I Miss You


He Will Touch You

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